Thursday, April 2, 2009

all kinds of no

I can play with the cats but if I try to pick one up by the neck, that's a no. OK, but how do I carry him then? I have to figure that out.

Sometimes when I poop the folks get all excited and give me pets and sometimes they get all mad and ask me what did I do. Now you don't know what it is? A little while ago you were all excited about it. I have to figure that out.

In the time out room they have big boxes that get food in them. Sometimes they take something out and give it to me but if I try to help out and get it myself, that's a no. They keep saying I need a job, but when I try to do one, it's a no. I have to figure that out.

There's another box in the time out room that gets food for a little while but then they take it out.. That's a "nonohot!" I don't have to figure that one out. It hurt my nose. Sometimes you only have to tell me no once.

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