Tuesday, April 28, 2009

evil bike path people

This is not funny. First the people up high on 2 wheels with their feet going around. I learned to deal with that. Then the lady pushing wheels. Scary.

But today, today was too much. There was an up high feet going around guy and then right behind him a guy with wheels on his feet. On his feet! And he had the zoomies and almost ran over me but he scooted around just in time. And then, just as I stopped watching him, here comes another guy up on a really loud board and that board had wheels! He's just coming and coming at me and that board was loud! And fast!

Well, I had to bark! I let all those other things go and look what happened. They just keep putting wheels on everything. They have to be stopped. Or else I have to make the folks move away from this bike path thing. It is not good for dogs. Not good.

We have no place for wheels.

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