Sunday, February 14, 2010

but it was cheese!

When the Mom is making stuff in the kitchen I always hang out because she drops a lot of stuff and the rule is that if it hits the floor, unless it's bad stuff, I get to eat it. So I stay right there.

Today she was cutting up a lot of things which always means a lot of stuff on the floor. Then she piled a bunch of stuff on a dish and left. I followed her but she told me not to beg (I wasn't begging I was watching for dropped stuff) so I went back in the kitchen to see if I missed anything.

I was just sniffing around when I smelled cheese. My favorite! Where was it? I sniffed and sniffed and put my paws up on the table and there it was. A bunch of it in a bowl. I got close to it and sort of put my nose in it and somehow it landed on the floor.

Which made it mine.

It would have been OK except Mom came in to put some more stuff on her dish and she asked where the cheese was and I went to hide behind the coat rack. That's where I always go when I hear "No! Bad!" so she knew. And then she saw the little bowl the cheese was in. The empty bowl. I ran for the stairs.

But she was really really mad and she followed me telling me how bad I was and asking what did I do and saying bad dog and I went into the bathroom and she threw the little bowl in there with me and said she was really mad and I was on time out.

And then she shut the door!

So I'm in this little room, listening while she tells Dad what I did and the cats are poking at me under the door and laughing and I hear the folks eating dinner and I know I'm not even gonna get a little bit of a treat this time and so I started to cry. Just a little.

I was in there forever before she came up to let me out. Days and days. Well, at least 10 minutes. And when the door opened I scooted right by her and down the steps and hid behind the Dad.

I think we're friends again because she's been playing catch with me for a while, but I keep sniffing the little table by her chair because I think I smell cupcake.

Maybe she'll drop it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

puppy bowl

The folks are watching something called the stoopid bowl on the teevee. It is boring because they ignore me except every so often they put something on the teevee called the puppy bowl.

I like the puppy bowl because it's kinda like when I had my own dog there for a while. Then Billy came to visit and he stole the dog. I don't know if Mom knows but she wouldn't yell at him anyway. I think he's her favorite. All I know is I don't have a dog anymore and nobody seems to care.

So, anyway, they keep telling me to look at the puppies and I do but just for a minute because when they are in the teevee box you can't smell 'em or chase 'em so what's the use? I give the teevee a little growl each time just to make the folks laugh.

They are so easy.

But now I'm thinking maybe if I look at the teevee puppies for a while and whimper they might think I really need my own dog and go get me another one. I guess it's worth a try.

But I'm hiding it if Billy visits.