Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i can't help it

I'm not supposed to eat pillows. But I do. I can't help it. They have soft stuff inside that feels good when I bite it and it flies around the room which is pretty cool. And then I get in trouble.

The thing is, I know I'm gonna get in trouble but I can't help it. And they always know. Today they knew even before they went upstairs and saw the soft stuff all over. I don't know how they knew but the Dad said "what did you do?" as soon as I came downstairs. I hate "what did you do". How did he know?

Boy, humans are way smarter than I thought.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

marching for peas

We went on a long car ride today. I'm always ready to do that. There's a place in the middle between the folks where I can put my front feet so I can watch where we are going and check for other dogs. When I see something like other dogs, I can jump around on all the seats and yell at them. It's my job.

So, we went way out in the country and gave a ride to some folks from a place called Japan. They were nice humans, except they took up all the extra seats and I had to sit on Mom's lap which made her say OW a lot. The Japans called me "Queensee" and kept patting my head and whispering "shoe, shoe, shoe" so I guess Mom told them about what I do to shoes which wasn't nice of her. We took them to some stores and stuff and then back to where we got them.

The folks were talking about this long walk they were doing for peas, which confused me because we could have got peas at one of the stores we were at and the Japan people wouldn't have to walk. Maybe I'm missing something.

I hope they find peas at the end of their walk. It sounds like something the folks really want.

Me, I'd walk for cheese.