Friday, November 27, 2009

the pillows and I

I can't help it. I know I will get called a bad dog. I know I will have to "come here" and then sit there with my ears all down while I listen to a lot of blahblahpillowblahbadblahnoblahbaddog. But they are like big toys. All soft and stuff. And when you bite them, white fluff stuff goes all over and the cats are all "Whoa you are in deep doodoo now, litter breath"

Nobody knows how the cats make fun of me when nobody is home. It is brutal.

So, anyway, sometimes they hide the pillows under the blankets but that just makes it more of a game. I get to pull the blanket down and look for the secret pillow. That keeps me busy for a long time. The folks say "where's Q? He's been quiet a long time" Uh oh.

They keep buying me new toys, but they are like small pillows and they just make me want bigger ones. One of us has to change.

Oh, and the little red treats you have to bite out of the bubbles? Those taste awful and they are called soodyfed or something and it gives you the zoomies. Just thought I'd tell ya.