Tuesday, February 1, 2011

rescue me!

They did it. They rescued a puppy. (Rescued from what? they never say. I need to figure that out) They brought him home. They are keeping him. I don't know what they are thinking.

First of all, this is barely a dog. Scooter is bigger and Scooter is a cat. This "dog" has hair sticking up all over like they put him in a blender. He has to wear a coat...a coat!..because he gets so cold. Oh please. Mom has to comb him every morning so he doesn't tangle, whatever that means.

Let me tell you something. I don't need a coat. I can handle the cold. I roll around in the snow and I like it! This little cat dog walks down the sidewalk once and starts limping on his poor little one inch feet. And I don't tangle, nobody has to brush me every morning. Just let 'em try.

Now I have to say that this dog..they named him "Oliver", by the way..stoopid name, tries to play with me. But he moves around so fast you can't ever catch him. And when I do catch him, Mom says "Easy, Quincy" That's no fun. She never tells the cat dog "Easy, Oliver" when he is trying to climb on my back or waving those stoopid one inch paws in the air near my face.

I'm training him, though. Mom bought us each some toys to tear apart and I keep taking his away, even if I already have one. I don't need more than one to tear apart, but I want him to know it has to be OK with me if he gets to have one. He doesn't get it yet. He just keeps coming over and taking it back, But I'll teach him.

There is only one top dog in this house and it is not going to be one that is smaller than the cats and looks like he lives in a blender.

This is me and the so-called "dog". Do not even think the word "cute"