Friday, April 17, 2009

the lady on wheels

I've been a city dog for a long time now and I've seen a lot. Really weird stuff.

I stopped being afraid of those people who ride up high on wheels, going real fast by the house, their feet going round and round. Mom says we live on something called a "bike path" and if I sit down every time one of those wheeley people goes by, we'll never get our walk done. I'm used to them now. Sometimes they ride in packs though and I can't help sitting down for that.

But today there was a lady walking with wheels. I'm not lyin'! She was pushing wheels and walking real slow and she was watching me. I know she was. Why? What was she up to? Then she got to our corner and stopped and watched me. She was evil, I know she was. You can't fool me. So, I sat down and then I got up and walked backwards. You can't take your eyes off evil ladies. They could try to hurt your people.

I watched her and she watched me and pretty soon she turned around and started walking away really slow. That's right, evil lady. Take those wheels and scoot. And don't come back. This is my block.

I rule.

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