Sunday, April 5, 2009


My human Dad is a veteranarian, but not the kind that pokes you with the sharp stick in the butt, the kind that doesn't eat meat. At least think I that's what I heard. Anyway, that means I don't get hot dogs much or other good treats unless Mom sneaks 'em in.

So, I get weird treats. They keep trying to give me carrots, even though I bark at them and refuse to pick them up. Doesn't stop them from trying. "Hey, Q, wanna carrot?". Plop. It rolls at me. I bark at it. Does this stop them? No. I just know later today I'm gonna hear "Hey, Q, wanna carrot?". The answer is still no, people.

Well, today it was banana. Mom said "Hey, Q, wanna banana?" and I let her give it to me because at least it wasn't a carrot.

The thing about bananas is that they are really good, but there must be some trick to eating them. Every time I tried to chew it, it smooshed and popped out of the sides of my mouth. When I tried to show Mom what was happening she just barked and barked and barked and made Dad come see. Nice. I just love looking stoopid.

I wasn't gonna just sit there with banana hanging on my face so the folks could get a good laugh. Turns out if you spit it out, you can pick it back up in little bits and then you can eat it. And it's good. Nothing like a carrot.

Maybe this veteranarian food isn't so bad after all.

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