Friday, March 20, 2009

a street is not a park

I don't know a lot, but I'm learning. I know that while I was on the cold table with the pointy stick in my butt, the vet said I could go to the park now. I heard him. Park is a word I know.

So, when the folks took me to get a special thing for walking, I thought Yes! Park! (Of course, I also thought they said we were going to a dog bone-teek which got me excited for no reason, too.)The walking thing goes under me and around me. I do not like it. Mom likes it. She says it's a miracle. I hope we don't go to the dog bone-teek for any more miracles

She put the miracle walking thing on me and took me out but not to the park. We went on streets. Streets are not the park. The park doesn't make you put on walking miracles. I tried to chew the miracle off, but I just got my bottom mouth stuck in it and sort of walked on my head. Mom was barking that way she does when I do funny stuff but this wasn't funny. She stopped and unhooked me and said bad boy but she was still barking funny. When I bark, they tell me to shush. Just sayin'

We stopped and watched the lucky dogs in the park a few days ago. They were running. And nobody was stopping them. Now THAT is a miracle.

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