Sunday, March 29, 2009

stoopid spring

There was this thing outside that my Mom person was all worked up about. She called it "spring". She said we could open windows, that we didn't need coats. Hello? I never need a coat, OK? Then she said we had to get outside and I got all zoomie for a minute until she went and got that walking thing and put it on me. So this was not outside at the dog park, this was outside with the walking thing. Oh well.

First thing was that wacky dog next door that barks as soon as I put one paw near his fence. Big dog, big fence, big bark. Yeah, sure, come out here and bark that at me, stoopid dog. His Mom person came out and told him to stop being silly and then she came out from behind the fence and was singing "ooh puppy puppy hi quincy puppy". and she was petting me and scratching under my chin. Ha! Who's the best dog now? Not the stoopid dog barking behind a fence.

Then some people who live on the other side of the street brought over 2 big dogs to meet me. Doesn't anybody around here have dogs my size? These 2 giants came over and sniffed me and danced around me and all I could see from my height was stuff under the dogs which wasn't all that wonderful but it did make my sniffing easier to do. I could just stand there.

So. let me tell you about this spring thing. When I first moved to the city I thought it was like a punishment because the ground was all slippery and I couldn't run without all my legs going in the wrong direction which made the humans barklaugh but was not funny to me. Sometimes there was soft cold stuff, too, but I kind of liked that. You could stick your noise in it and run fast and make a tunnel. Then that went away and under that was gooey stuff that Mom always told me "nonomud!!"

I am never going to learn their language.

Anyway, today there was stuff in the ground. It looked like it could be food, but I wasn't allowed to eat it. So I thought maybe I could dig there, but no. It looked soft so I tried once to lay in a bunch of it and Mom dragged me out and said I was breaking the flowers. Flowers. Huh. Who knew? Whatever those are, you have to leave them where they are and you can't eat them. Just one more thing I can't have.

I did meet a hose today. That is a long thing that comes out from behind the house and has water coming out of it. A man was using it on his car for some reason. I'm thinking this is something I could either learn to love or hate.

So, I guess Spring is flowers, hoses and no coats. And some nonomud. Whatever that is. Maybe it's not so stoopid after all.

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