Monday, March 23, 2009

dog park! dog park!

Dog Park!!

Oh. sorry. I just got so excited. It was great. When we first got there it was all black dogs like me only way bigger. They came running at me so I flopped on my back and got quiet and hoped that would work like it's supposed to and it did!  Good thing. too, 'cause I would have been lunch. They sniffed me and let me run with them. We ran and ran and ran. No miracle walker!

The humans stood in a pack and barked at each other while we ran.  I don't know how you can be in a pack like that and stand still. Humans are weird. They don't sniff each other, either, so I'm not sure how they get to know each other. Maybe if they didn't wear pants over their butts all the time, they would get along better. Dogs understand these things.

One of the people in the human pack told my Mom that Catahoulas need a job. Here they go with that job thing again! I'm 3 months old, people. How old were you when you got a job, pack human? I think the dog park will be my job for a while. I'm pretty good at it.

I got a new treat when we got home. A hot dog. Really. It isn't a barking kind of dog and it was really good foods. I think we are going to be learning a new trick for me to do  so I can get more food dogs. Maybe it will be a job. That would be OK. I'll do a job if it gets me those food dogs. I think the job is called "stay", which means I get foods for doing nothing.

If you ask me, I think the humans need a job. 

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