Wednesday, June 3, 2009

lampshade 101

I've been wearing this thingy on my head forever. I'm not sure what I did, but all things considered, this past week makes "time out" look like a reason for a happy dance.

The folks are really nice to me, and throw treats into my lampshade, so I guess I wasn't bad.  I hope I don't have to lose any more of my parts, though. I'm kind of used to them. Like I would hate to lose my tail because it is very cool. It makes a "Q". Really. Well, the folks say it makes a circle, but I should know.

I haven't been to the dog park forever. And riding in the car isn't as much fun because the stoopid lampshade gets caught on the car parts. And everytime I run up to one the folks they start yellin' OW OW!

I think the lampshade gets 'em. Well, it gets me, too. You don't hear me yelling.

Anyway, I found out some good things about the lampshade. It fits right over the cat. That's pretty cool.  And you can hear really good and your bark sounds really really loud.

Oh, yeah, flowers smell better.

I heard the folks talking about when they can take the thingy off my head. I vote for now. I haven't felt a pillow under my chin for sooo long.

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