Thursday, May 28, 2009

this is not funny

They brought me back the the parts stealers. I needed glue. They are gluing me together! Is it my fault the glue didn't work? I don't think so. But I still have to wear this thing on my head. They said I was licking. I was not licking. I was trying to figure out where the hid the stuff that used to be there. There is NOTHING TO LICK!! Sorry I barked. It's been a long day for a puppy.

This thing sticks out pretty far so I keep thumping into things. Like the door.  I can't stand as close to it as I did before because if I do it goes thump and the folks laugh. They laugh when the coffee table grabs the edge, when I hold my head back and try to go up the stairs, when I try to drink water, even when I'm just laying down. Mom keeps saying I have sad eyes.

Sad eyes? Put your head in this dixie cup and try to look happy. Gee.

So, I am not going to the dog park in this thing. There is a lab pit mix  there that will never let me forget it. 

And forget that pretty Golden. She'd run the other way. Which doesn't matter much, because I have a feeling those parts they stole may have had something to do with me and her anyway.

I do get a lot of pets. And Mom gave me cheese. Cheese! Do you know cheese? Boy, get to know it, that's some good stuff. I'll probably never see it again once this bucket is off my head. I'm going to try the sad eye thing again, see if I get more.

How long is 10-14 days? Will I still be a puppy? Will there be cheese?

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