Monday, June 22, 2009


OK, I didn't know what it was, but the folks were all excited to keep telling me we were going swimming! Swimming, swimming, swimming. OK, so let's go to swimming already. sheesh. This better be good.

We went to a place by the water. The bark park is by the water but this place had no fence. The water could come right at you. And it did. It would come at me, then back up and come at me and back up. Too weird for me.

I was real happy to just keep smelling that sleeping fish, but no, we had to chase the water. Mom went with me, that's the only reason I went. Had to protect her from the in and out water,

Hmm..OK...this is sorta cool, now what?

Ah, the old stick throw. They know I can't help myself

Hey. that's not so bad

And then Dad threw the stick really far and the water came up to my nose and so I picked up my legs and started running and Mom got all excited about how I was swimming! Yay Quincy! Yay Quincy! You're swimming!

I mean, really, have they never heard of "doggie paddle"?

I like this swimming thing

Mom said I was swimming in a great lake. Heck yeah, it was a really really great lake.

It would have been a perfect day if they had let me bring the sleeping fish home. He smelled really tasty. But I had to drop it.

We'll be back, though.

'cause I'm a swimmin' dog now!

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