Saturday, April 3, 2010

spring ride!

It's Spring again. This is my 2nd one. The 1st time I saw Spring, I was a baby and I didn't know what flowers were or that you couldn't eat them. I was surprised that there was soft stuff under the frozen stuff. But I've see it all now. I'm experienced.

There are good things about Spring. It means we go to the dog park even more. There are waaaay more smells. If the Dad is working outside I can lay down on the grass and watch for other dogs and people on wheels. The Mom starts taking me for walks just for fun.

But the best part is that I get to ride outside the car. It is the best. There is a thing outside the window for my paws. I stand on the seat and put my front paws on the paw holder. If the Dad would open the window all the way down it would be coolest, but he won't do it. It is the best part of Spring anyway.

If I could get the Mom to ride in the back I could ride like this every time!

I'll have to figure that out.

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