Sunday, April 4, 2010

my dog came back!

I was having kind of a bad day because the Dad was using that loud box with the stick that sorta scares me and makes me bark. They have a smaller loud box and I can handle that one. But sometimes they use the big loud box and I do not like it at all. I think it's going to suck me up like it does with the dust and nobody is gonna tell me it won't. I know what I see.

So the Dad is annoying me with the loud box and I'm barking and he tells me we are cleaning up because we have company coming and the company is Billy. And Ginger!

Now I didn't know if this was real or if it was one of those things like cheese. Sometimes the Mom tells me she has cheeses just to get me away from the cat or the mail guy. But I went and waited by the door just in case.

And Ginger came! She was excited to see me, too, because Billy had to wipe up some pee and I know I didn't do it. I didn't.

Billy brought a person too, and she didn't get mad when I jumped on her but I think I really have to stop doing that. I just get so happy.

So the folks and Billy and the other person went away and left me and Ginger at the house and I didn't even care that I wasn't going in the car with them. I had my dog!

When they came back we all went to the dog park so I got to show off my dog. I kinda had to nudge her to get her going. She didn't remember how the dog park works.

Then the folks went out again, but for longer times and I started to miss them. Ginger napped a lot. So I was kinda zoomy when they got home. Ginger was just waggy. She's older.

We all went out on leashes and then Billy and the person hugged the Mom and the Dad and they left ...

and they took my dog again!

I don't think Billy would like it if I took his person away.

But I got to have my dog for a little while and that was good.

I think she'll come back.

I showed her where the cat food was.

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