Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what happened?

I could tell we weren't going to the barkpark. I was picking up some weird stuff from my humans, so I tried the pitiful whimpering thing. They kept driving but they were talking about why I was crying and they did stop for a minute and I dragged my Mom around some grass. But they put me back in the car and we kept going.

Turns out we were going to a steel table/sharp pointy stick place, but this time they left me. They left! You won't believe what happened next. I'm kinda shy about it but I discovered some neat parts of myself the other day and now they are gone. And I was just getting used to them.

When the folks finally came back to get me, I dragged them outta there real fast before those people could take any more of my parts.

I don't know why they took my parts or what they are gonna do with them. I have to figure it out. But I know next time the folks take me to a steel table pointy stick place they are gonna stay with me or I'm escaping. When they see that part of me is missing, they are going to be really mad at those people. 

Mom let me taste her popsicle That was good. She keeps kissing my head and saying "poor baby". She doesn't know the half of it.

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