Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Boy, am I glad to be back. You can't believe what happened. I'm just doing my usual morning thing...chewing Dad's pillow, chasing Scooter under the bed, looking for Mom's shoes, trying to look sad so they'll take me to the dog park. Well, pretty soon I hear the "car" word and I am excited and we get out to the car but I can tell right away that something is up because the folks built like a whole room for me behind them. Really! Like my bed and a water bowl and toys and a chew stick and I'm thinking something is fishy here and I'm hoping it doesn't mean the cold table/pointy stick in the butt stuff.

But Dad drove right by the pointy stick place but then wait! he drove right by the dog park place, too so I tried the whimpering thing but they just told me to hush. We drove longer than it takes to go to Grammas, longer than it takes to go to the great lake for swimming, longer than any park I know. I started to worry they were taking me back to the shelter, but we drove and drove and I fell asleep.

I woke up in a place called Oh! Hi, O! We still didn't stop except for all of us to pee and get stuff like water and chips. They stuffed me back in my car room and off we went. This went on for days!!!

You can't believe the stuff I saw. Huge things called cows that didn't even look when I barked at them. And horses! Same thing. What's with these people? Then there was this huuuge green thing that I really went crazy trying to scare off but the folks just laughed. They said he was the Sinclair dinosaur, a gas station dummy. Yeah, he was a dummy all right. If I coulda got out of the car he would have been sorry. Hmph.

We stopped at places called hotels that are really just a whole lot of big bed rooms where you can't bark and all sorts of things happen at the door that make you want to bark but you get yelled at. I don't like hotels.

Finally we got to our new house in Oh, I'm gone! or something like that. But it really wasn't our new house because we left there to come back here after a while. That was lots nicer than the hotel. I'll tell you the rest later. I need a nap and the fireplace is on. I love sleeping by the fire. Except when my fur starts to smell funny and Mom pulls me away by my legs.

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