Sunday, October 25, 2009

where was I?

Oh yeah. Vacation. That's what the folks said it was. I guess a vacation is when you go farther than the dog park for a really long time and every day you have to learn new smells and find good nap spots. Vacations are hard work.

But I got to do some really cool stuff. I got to play in snow on a mountain! No kidding. A mountain is like the dog park only up.

They wouldn't take the leash off, though. Boy, that would have been fun.

And there was no great lake where we went but there was an ocean! No kidding. At first I was only able to look at it

but pretty soon we went to walk in it. At first it was sort of scary because the water goes in and out like the great lake does, but this stuff goes waaaay in and waaaay out. It was hard to figure out.

I loved it. Some day they are gonna take that darn leash off and let me run around like at the dog park. That ocean would have been a great place to run! I don't get why they worry so much.

So, anyway, that was vacation. I think I like vacation. But I like home, too. Time to sleep in front of the fire again. Maybe I'll dream about swimming in oceans. No leash.

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